Thursday, August 16, 2012

Totally Techie Thursday - A few more Favorite Apps

This week I have a couple of more of my favorite mobile apps to share with you. The tough part about writing these Techie blog posts is choosing which apps to show you! I have so many that I love. Some are fun, some are real time savers. These are Android apps, but there is usually an i app that is comparable to any Android app.

Let's start with an app that is purely for fun. Ever hear a song and start going nuts trying to figure out what song it is? OR who sang it? Well wonder no more. Soundhound to the rescue!

SoundHound is free! Download SoundHound and open the app, hold your mobile device up so that SoundHound can hear the music, it doesn't even need to be real close to the source.  SoundHound will listen and beep when it identifies the song, usually a few seconds, amazing, right? Now look at the screen on your mobile device, it will not only tell you the song playing, it will also tell you who sings it, the lyrics, what year the song was made and give you several options to purchase the song right there on the spot! I love technology!

This next app is like having a pack of post its on your mobile :-) It's called Colornote. It is essentially an endless pack of post-it notes.

Colornote is a free app that is a place to jot notes to yourself. You can make them different colors, so it's easier to pick out the one you want quicker. Some of my notes include a wine I tried somewhere, so I can easily remember it for the next time I'm in a wine shop, restaurants we liked when on a road trip, so next time in that area, we know the name and what exit to get off the highway. The name of a band someone told me about, a book title, a brand of sundried tomatos we really preferred and a few reminders like get cat litter today! You can also use a note to help you remember something, like your daily pills or a DR. appointment. Colornote gives you the option of adding a reminder alarm to any of your notes. IT can be a one time alarm or scheduled for every day or once a week.You can drop and drag the app onto your mobile desktop/display for handy access to all of your notes and within easy reach for future notes. That's how I use it. For me, if it's not right at my fingertips, I won't use it.

I hope you like these 2 free apps I shared today. I would really love to just post a bunch more right now, but time does not allow. So next week, I'll post a some more. These android apps can be found here GooglePlayStore Have a great week.


  1. I am kind of a post-it note junkie, this is great Debi :)

  2. Love the post it. Note app! I'm always scribbling notes on scraps of paper that I then lose!