Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So I haven't been here in forever. Needless to say my "Forever Tour" Bus ran off a cliff and crashed. The tour was canceled ;)
No, in reality, I fell off the Weight Watcher wagon once again. Once again I just got so sick of tracking every ounce with so little weight loss to show for it.
So nowadays, I'm back with that loser Wes (my Weslo treadmill) almost every day. I'm walking all over him and bitching endlessly. We have a love - hate relationship. I only love him when I step off and head for the shower. The rest of the time I hate stupid Wes. So to get through that time each day, I am watching The Housewives Of NYC, On Demand. The show is 48 minutes, so that is how long I spend with Wes. I have to admit, they are some crazy ladies. The time flies by watching them. When I've watched all of those past episodes I figured I'll start on one of the other House Wives series. I know there are more. Whatever it takes to keep me from being bored on that treadmill. I'm focusing on moving and staying strong. I have not gained any more weight so I must be doing something right. Oh, it is probably because I've been forced to be more active recently. I have been blessed with a new baby grandson, William, born late April. Since my daughter's return to work in mid June I have been the "Gammy-Nanny" 2-4 days per week for William (now known as Mr. Delicious). Because of this I have once again needed to become more organized with my time. So I'm quite a bit more active since starting this new phase of my life. I am loving every minute of it too. I was blessed to be able to be Grammy-Nanny to my 7 yr. old grandson, Patrick from when he was a 12 week old baby til he was approx. 3 yrs old. After that Mom & Dad thought Pre-School would be good for him, I agree that it was good to prepare him for "big boy school". That time we had together forged a strong bond between us that carries forward to this day. Tink's has had to take a bit of a backseat while I adjust to all of this and try to manage my time more efficiently. I'm getting a bit better at it every week. One thing that has helped make it easier is that my incredible husband bought me a a little 14 inch laptop to take to my daughters home with me so that I can edit jewelry photos and list jewelry in my Etsy shop on the days that I spend at her house caring for Mr. Delicious. I took some photos today here in my studio that I can edit while the baby is sleeping the next time I'm on Grammy-Nanny duty. See, I'm getting organized :-)

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