Saturday, August 4, 2012

Simple Yummy Desserts - Oreo Cookie Dough Brownie

Simple Yummy Desserts
Cookie Dough, Oreo, Brownie Bars

I found this dessert on Pinterest. I don't know who to give credit to. I tried to follow the recipe back to the  original posting but that didn't work. Whoever thought this one up - thank you! It is so simple and incredibly delicious. Cuts easily into brownie like bars and will travel well. Oh - and easy clean up.

Preheat oven to 350º

What you need; 1 roll of Toll House refrigerated Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - at room temperature
1 pkg. of Oreo Cookies
1 box of Brownie mix - prepared but not baked
8x11 baking pan

The Pinterest post that I read said to line the pan with parchment paper, I used a baking spray with flour added to it and coated sides and bottom of my pan. I experienced no sticking and easy clean up.

Line or spray your baking pan. Cut the roll of cookie dough open length wise and spread it into the bottom of the pan evenly.

Top with the Oreos in a single layer

Pour the prepared brownie mix over the Oreos

Bake @ 350º for 45 minutes

I baked mine for 50 minutes. I wasn't sure if it was cooked through so I decided to go for 5 extra minutes. At 50 minutes I could see that the brownie top was separating from the sides of my pan so I felt that it was done. It was perfect! Cut beautifully after 15 minutes of cooling.

Bill pointed out that I could cut them into squares the size of each Oreo for perfect portions - smart man I got there, huh?

Here's a bite -  Brownie, Oreo, Chocolate Chip Cookie YUM - it's a circus in your mouth - enjoy!


  1. This looks easy enough even though I am not a fan of Oreos, maybe I can substitute with another type of cookie? :)

    1. Absolutely, you can substitute another cookie. One variation I saw on Pinterest substituted Reeses Peanut butter cups in place of the Oreos. Since Bill is an addict, I will def. substitute with them the next time I make this.

  2. I've seen that Pinterest post and purposefully avoided it like the plague. It looks to delicious!!! Might have to try it "for the kids".

  3. LOve the step by step pics, Deb! And I'm not a big fan of oreos, either, but imagine that mixed in with the other things they would be really good. I would try them that way first, and if that doesn't quite do it, I'd try chocolate wafers. It's the icing that I'm not crazy about. and then maybe i'd try them with .......on and on.