Monday, November 29, 2010

Tink's Tips: Online Shopping

 Happy Cyber Monday. I'm going to share a few of my tips for shopping online. I haven't been near a mall in years. I do all of my shopping online and this is how I get the best deals and make shopping as easy as possible on me and my wallet. Here are 2 websites that are a huge help while online shopping.
The 1st one  is a comparison shopping site. I know that there are lots of these but I like this one because you can check a box that will have all the prices shown include the shipping. This site also says if there are special deals going on at a particular site. I have also used this site successfully to locate hard to find gift requests. It hasn't failed me yet! The 2nd site I use is Again, I know there are many coupon code sites. I like this one because I have found that the codes really work. No sign up, no junk Email, just money saving coupon codes on stuff I want to buy.      
 Just in case your not computer savy and don't know how to have multiple windows open at once. Here's how you do this. In this image you can see I have 2 windows open - my yahoo and blogger. To the right of blogger see the square? Clicking on that will open a new blank window. Type in the url for TheFind and then open another blank window and type in the url for RetailMeNot. Now you can shop in your 1st window (where mine says my yahoo) and switch back and forth between the other 2 sites to make sure that you are getting the best deals. In the pic I can go back and forth between the 2 open windows my yahoo and blogger.
   Yesterday I needed more business cards for Tink's and went to my usual site to buy them  After I redesigned the cards (can't wait to see them!!) I checked retailMeNot and sure enough an extra 20%off. Worth mentioning - this site always has free shipping AND right now Christmas cards are 50% off!

I also bought myself a new printer from  (Yes, that's how I shop - I buy 2 gifts and then 1 for me!) I've been shopping around for one lately and found a deal here that I was very happy with. Checked RetailMeNot sure enough a code for an extra $10.00 off! While I am speaking of the HP website. I will mention that they have the best prices on ink (yes, I've even checked WalMart prices) and they often give me free stuff when I order. 4x6 photo paper, full size paper, a wireless mouse. Shipping is always free and it's overnight shipping. My new printer will be here today or tomorrow. I have owned 3 HP printers and each was a good product and lasted a long time. When my printer gets low on ink, a window pops up on my computer screen and gives me the option to connect directly to hp and order some ink. It could not be easier, quicker OR cheaper.

I also found a coupon code for  buy $10.00 and get 1 free item of my choice up to a $13.00 value. I bought some stocking stuffers for the fam and got myself a free bottle of my fav - Cotton Blossom body lotion.

I also bought some gifts that I obviously can't discuss but I will say that 2 hard to find gifs were found on TheFind and 1 of these was on sale at the website $10.00 off. I checked RetailMeNot and got a code for an additional 20% off. Yes, sometimes you can use more then one coupon or code. It's called "stacking" and it is always worth trying .

One last tip from Tink's - Shop online where "site to store" shipping is offered. It is free and I get a text message when my order arrives and then I just go and pick it up. Walmart offers this. I used it to shop for all of Patrick's toys.

Please shop on sites like ArtFire  and Etsy  These are real people - artisans - who sell quality handcrafted items that you will be buying from NOT CHINA. So many are offering wonderful sales and free shipping. Please support a small business and buy handmade.

I hope these tips will make your Christmas shopping a bit easier on you and your wallet. Oooh - and while you're bargain hunting be sure to check out Tink's sale for unique and affordable hand made jewelry.  20% off storewide on your entire order. That includes the shipping too!!! Today, Monday November 29th 2010 is the final day. Use the coupon code SAVE20 at check out. Remember that each purchase arrives in a decorated gift box.

 Happy Shopping and blessings for a stress free Christmas season.

Please feel free to leave any comments. I would like to hear other people's tips :-)